SEQ Rentals

A fully redesigned and refreshed look for SEQ Rentals, the client wanted something clean, simple and professional. The new website has been built using wordpress for the CMS and is fully responsive on desktops, tablets and mobile.


  • Wordpress integrated
  • Project completed under 30 hours
  • Responsive on 27" desktop to mobile device

Inverted Bodyboarding

The client was looking for an updated, refreshed design to replace the previous website which had been up for nearly 4 years. The website is mainly used as a blog so wordpress was used as the CMS.


  • Wordpress integrated
  • Project completed under 50 hours

The Handsome Horse

The Handsome Horse team was looking to update their current website to something easier, cleaner and more eye catching. A new logo, design and e-commerce platform has been created the website is due for launch very soon.


  • Lemonstand e-commerce integration
  • Project completed under 60 hours
  • Fully responsive